Rosie’s Art Sessions

Free art plans and activities for young children to encourage drawing and creative thinking.

There are four key aspects to make engaging with art accessible, educational and enjoyable for everyone.

Engage Children need to be engaged before doing, well anything really. Drawing is a great way to get this started.

Build Curiosity Once children are curious they begin to look differently at the world around them.

Drive imagination To take a session further ask questions that can expand into real or imagined worlds.

Creative Thinking Offering opportunities to challenge ways of thinking and look for possibilities to change.

Every activity below includes these aspects. Enjoy!

Drawing Tips

When drawing with young children it is helpful to bring to their notice the shapes of things, make marks pretending to feel those shapes. For example, if you’re looking at a bird suggest a line that is patting his tummy or running down his back.

Build language around marks. Notice light tones that ask you to look closer or dark tones with strong lines and lots of energy. Lines with weight that make things look heavy or lines that blur and smudge. Broken lines that hop across the page and form a pattern. Be playful with language and marks.

Drawing allows for time to look, think, discuss and listen to thoughts about the subject matter.

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